5 thoughts on “how do you thread fishing line through a Zebco 33 reel?

  1. Not sure I understand, but you can pop the face of the reel off then clean it out or re-spool.

  2. On the 33 reel { which is a Very good reel } , There is a screw on the side .Turn the screw 180 deg. and the face will come off . I think you have to turn it just a little and pull .Untangle your line and your back in business .Be sure to put the line on the reel the same direction it came off the spool or it will tangle on you again .

  3. Some of them you just twist the cap on front of the reel to the left about 1/4 inche and pop it off. Stick the sting back thru the hole and pop it back on.

  4. Unscrew the front of the reel exposing the metal faceplate, undo the screw and the spool cover will come off. Find the exposed end from when you cut off the line. Pull off about 24″ of line, put the spool cover back on (Line still exposed) then thread the line thru the center hole in the reel face. Screw the reel face back on.You’re back in business…….

  5. If at all possible, take it in to a sporting goods store that rewinds line. hopefully there will be someone there who knows how to correct the problem. I could certainly offer you all help you could need, but it becomes one of those things that it would be much easier for me to do it and fix it than to try and explain how to do it.

    Good luck!!

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