2 thoughts on “How does a downrigger actually work for fishing/trolling?

  1. A down-rigger is a weight attached to a heavy line(20kgs) and on the end that goes into the water is a weight(1kg) with a clip. You clip your fishing line in the clip, lower the weight with the fishing line, hook etc attached to a pre-measured distance and troll. The down rigger usually looks like a side cast reel and is attached to the boat. The line drops down and when a fish bites at the pre-arranged depth, it is hooked up. Your fishing line frees itself and you start to land the fish.
    They can be bought or made up by a handy person with an old side cast reel.
    Happy fishing.

  2. A downrigger is a method of placing an fishing lure down th the desired depth. A downrigger is a cannonball (large weight) held to the surface by stainless steel cable. A clip attaches a fishing line to this wire. Then a downrigger release is hooked to the downrigger wire and then the bait is attached to the release. The release is basically another fishing line that holds the bait and the wire together.

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