2 thoughts on “How exactly do the long telescopic crappie poles work?

  1. just tie the line around the tip,hold it out,set the dobber,watch for the bite,lift fish in.look around they make those 11 footers with guides and a small reel seat for ultra light action.tons of fun for all pan fish.cane fishing is what you would be doing with the other rod .although a somewhat interesting method it is rarely used now adays.some of those stlye cane poles are also modeled to run the line through the pole itself thats why no guides show.that may be the style you are looking at.same principle.its called cane fishing

  2. some do come with reel seats or a reel allready attached.i guess they range from 10-16′ in length.
    they are made for dropping jigs into brush or beside pylons to catch crappie or other panfish.
    with this type of rod u do not cast them like u would a spinning or baitcasting reel.
    u basiccaly fish them the same way u pitch a jig bass fishing

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