How much does a fishing rod weigh?

I have to know the approx. weight of a collapsible fishing rod (idc if its a normal rod) and a tackle box with extra line, hooks, and lures. Please be on the low side with your answers :P

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4 thoughts on “How much does a fishing rod weigh?

  1. the rod only weighs a few ounces,it’s the reel and the tackle box that will have the bulk of all the weight to consider.It is fairly easy to figure out.You get on a bathroom scale and weigh yourself without the gear in hand,then weigh yourself holding it,and see what the increased weight is carrying it.About three or four pounds,should be it.

  2. Th biggest deep sea fishing rod I own weighs under 3 pounds, my tiniest ultralight is probably 6 ounces. Reels weigh from maybe 6 ounces up to 5 pounds. When trout fishing my tacklebox is half a pound; my deep sea box (loaded with lures, big sinkers, and lighter stuff) weighs over 30 pounds.

    For a typical freshwater setup, the rod would be 8 ounces, the reel 12, and the box about 3-5 pounds.

  3. Please be on the low size with your answer?
    Right you tell us the weight you want to hear and that’s what we will tell you!

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