9 thoughts on “How much does a normal fishing pole cost?

  1. Well, there is no normal fishing pole. Take a look at the table below to see what one you want.

    Rods and Prices-

    Small (Below 5.5 foot)-$20-$40
    Medium (5.5-7 foot)-$30-60
    Large (7-10 foot)-$50-$100

  2. Depends on the quality you want. You can spend 25 or 250 depending on your needs. I would just get a basic setup that you can fish for many species with. You do not need an expensive fishing pole unless you are tournament fishing.

  3. just go to wal mart pick up a Zebco 33 or a Rhino they are both pretty good to start on and don’t cost an arm or a leg $25 or 30 for a combo plus the Rhino rods are good rods.

  4. It depends on what you’re fishing for. I personally despise Zebco’s combos because they’re not very sturdy, don’t cast as well and the reels tend to break down faster. If you’re just going for small fish like bass or bluegill pick up a cheap Ugly Stik and Shakespeare open face spinner reel combo from Wal-Mart, and most of them come with a little tacklebox with stuff in it. Generally they’re around $20. I’ve never once had a problem with Shakespeare’s lines, whereas Zebco’s has caused me many a headache, before I got smart and switched.

  5. There are no normal fishing poles. The low end for a combo rod reel is 25$ They go up to 200$+

  6. Your average rod and reel combo will cost anywhere between $100 and $150 dollars. A good one will run you a lot more than that.

    Define normal in fishing…

  7. I don’t know, they probably cost more than a un-normal fishing pole. For one thing, a pole is something you hang flags on. It’s a fishing “rod” a fishing “rod” not a “pole”.

    Happy fishing with whatever the hell a normal fishing pole is.

  8. that is about as wide open, unspecific of a question as l have ever seen here on Y!A !
    to many people, “normal” is going down to the creek and cutting a willow sapling for free. and just as many use no poles at all. jug lines, trot lines, hand lines (even used to be used commercially), limb lines and more.

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