How much does is cost for a basic lake fishing set?

My friend is looking to buy a fishing set and wanted to know how much it would cost for a basic set for a lake fishing.

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3 thoughts on “How much does is cost for a basic lake fishing set?

  1. A fishing set? You mean a rod & reel plus a tackle box & few lures? Anywhere from a few bucks for a Zebco 33 combo to a thousand or so for a really good rod & reel.

  2. For just a basic set it should not cost anymore than $30. You can get a basic setup made by shakespeare called an Ugly Stick. If you shop at walmart, or dicks, even Bass Pro, or Cabellas they should have a light action rod that comes with all the basic equipment in a pack.

    Ugly Sticks are by far one of the best rods out there. They do not break and cast really well. Enjoy!

  3. A rod and reel can be had for 20.00$,then a complete tackle box another 25.00$,and a bucket for the fish,another 5,and a net another 10,so add it up,less than 100.00 for it all,you’ll want to get needlenose pliers for removing hooks,and a knife and a stringer and a scale with a tape measure,yeah,around 100.00 should equip you completely.

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