2 thoughts on “How much is a Nelson Pistol Grip fishing pole and a 1940 Western Worrier reel worth?

  1. I’m not sure about the rod, because it’s either a telescopic or steel rod. Either way, POSSIBLY not worth much. Wait around for other answers…

    The reel… I believe was a trade reel for Western Auto Parts, made by Bronson, Ocean City, or Great Lakes, one of the three. Value of it is around $10 to $30, double if you have the box.

    I was wondering when enuf was gonna pick up on this question. My vote for BA goes to that guy!

  2. l’m not certain if your nelson is steel or beryllium copper. but most of them can fetch over a hundred bucks. one sold on ebay last april for $167.50 with $12.50 shipping on top of that.

    the reel… l think you meant western warrior??
    montague reel company of KY made a lot of generic reels for stores like western auto and others, so did bronson. there were reel makers in kentucky who’s reels now fetch top dollar. l can’t tell from my end of the internet just what it is. my major collectibles consisted of mainly name brands, particularly heddon.

    as collectible as the rod is, l would guess the reel has some value to it too.
    you have any boxes or packaging materials, paperwork for rod or reel? as noted by my homeboy, G, that stuff will double the value of rods, reels, lures and the like.

    condition will matter most.


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