how often should i oil and grease my spinning reel?

Hi i have a couple of reels that i use for saltwater fishing…after im done fishing the only thing i ever do is wash them down with a hose. thats it ive had these reels for a couple of years now and no one has ever told me to oil and grease them btw its a shimano baitrunner 8000d and a penn reel. please give me some tips i hope its not too late!

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3 thoughts on “how often should i oil and grease my spinning reel?

  1. The reels still work? you should’ve oiled them on a regular basis,but that is in the past,now.Take them to a shop if you aren’t sure how to remove and re-assemble them,but you can oil the ports with a needle oiler,and remove the spool,and grease up the shaft and wipe out the inside cavity where the spool sits if it’s a spinning reel.Baitcasters are a little tricky to take apart and re-assemble,if you aren’t sure how to do it right,don’t try.Metal touches metal is the rule that applies here,and where that is the case,gets some lube,don’t put too much on it,it can just be a dirt magnet that way,and wipe off excess with a clean cloth.The handle is also a spot to oil,at the end where it spins,then where it goes into the body.I use the winter months to go through all of mine,(50+) and do a complete job,then once a month during the season,at least.The manual that came with the reel tells you the places to lube and oil,if you still have it.If you tossed it out,or can’t find it,you can get one from the maker online.Penn reel lube is the stuff to get at the store,an angler pak has both,the oil and the tub of grease.I use the synthetic kind,it holds up well.I use cotton swabs to apply it,and go through quite a lot.WD 40 isn’t a good thing for brass and bronze gears,regular reel oil is what you need.

  2. A hose can force dirt and salt into crevass’s use very low pressure water flow, clean when performance requires it. Never use wd40 it gathers moisture use commercial reel lube.

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