How Old Do I Need To Be To Get A Fly Fishing License?

I am a beginner, im not sure if there is even any such thing as a fly fishing license. So…yea
What i mean is, im not sure if i need one now at my age (13)

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7 thoughts on “How Old Do I Need To Be To Get A Fly Fishing License?

  1. the fact that you’re fly fishing doesn’t matter. you can get a fishing license at any age. just ask for a pamphlet or book on regulations.

  2. Most states the maximum age to fly fish or fish any style with out a license is 15 years.That’s what it is in Kalifornistan.

  3. its 15 yrs in michigan you have to have a special stamp for trout and salmon but every thing else is just on a regular fishing licence you can get the rules and regulations for your state or country at any place you can buy a licence

  4. Like mentioned you just need a fishing license, it covers any kind of fishing. At 13 you wont need to worry about it. I live in ky and 16 is the age you need one, this is the age for most states. Im not sure where your from but google your local fish and wildlife department and check out their page, all laws and restrictions should be on there.

  5. Dont look forward to getting them,,, cause when you fork out over 50 bucks with delta tags n extra pole etc… every year wen they used to be around 12-20bucks,,, its not something you WANT to do but do anyway cause you/we LOVE to fish… over 15 you need one,,, so if youre under that,,ENJOY IT WHILE ITS FREE!!!!!!…. spend that money on fishing gear!!!..

  6. The age limit is different in every state, but son, if you’re young enough to be asking this question, I’ll pat you on the head.

  7. u don’t need a license for another 3 years. for any kind fishing at the age of sixteen u need to get a license. if ur found fishing with out one u could lose everything. poles, tackle box, lures, line, its not good. and guess what they do with ur stuff? sell it. don’t worry about buying one. they r only about 15 to 30 bucks depending on where u live. if u only fish on ur land or just like a neighborhood pond u won’t need one. but if fish in public waters then u will need one. hope this helps! P.S if u r not sure about my answer google it on ur computer

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