How to catch fish in my neighborhood pond?

Hi guys. I’m 14, and I have a small pond in my neighborhood that I’ve been fishing in for probably 10 years ever since I was a kid. I love fishing, and for the majority of my time fishing at the neighborhood pond (I’d say it’s about the size of a football field with a max depth of about 5-7ft), we caught a lot of fish. I remember one trip where we caught about 15 catfish total in probably about 2 hours. We also caught various panfish and largemouth bass. However, in the past 2 years, I have maybe caught 1 or 2 fish. I KNOW they are there though, because just a week ago I was walking along the ledge and spotted about 10 good size largemouth bass in the shallow water. I know they are there, but I need tips on how to catch them. Again, my pond consists of largemouth bass, panfish, catfish, and even 2 large koi fish.
Pond Layout:
The pond has is connected to a creek on one side that, when there is a good amount of rain, flows directly into the pond. On the opposite side is a dam for when the water overflows. In the middle of the pond is a large fountain as well.
The temperature will be fair, about 60-70 degrees, and we are fishing starting at about 6-7pm. Any tips and tricks on how to catch fish in this neighborhood pond are greatly appreciated! Also, if anybody has any tips about being a better fisherman in general, I am open to any suggestions!
Last thing, I use spincast and baitcast reels, if that is important

Thank you!

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8 thoughts on “How to catch fish in my neighborhood pond?

  1. Those ten bass in the shallows are either spawning or prespawning. Usually 10 bass dont nest next to each other lol so its prespawn. Toss a crankbait about 10 yards in front of them and reel past them. Set your drag and hold on tight. A crankbait is probably the way to go. Theres really no techniques for bluegill and catfish so thats your call.

  2. wait till about mid may and they will be more active. then just use anything that moves

  3. “I’m 14, and I have a small pond in my neighborhood that I’ve been fishing in for probably 10 years ever since I was a kid.”

    You’re 14, you’re STILL a kid.

  4. GMB chill out, I’m pretty sure he meant since he was a kid, as in LITTLE kid. Why ya gotta be so critical.

  5. Hi Austin: It is refreshing to meet a guy your age who knows things about sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling. I am TOTALLY amazed at the number of people a LOT older than you who come in here asking questions who haven’t a clue how to spell even three and four letter words, and then apparently can’t read either because they don’t know how to use their spell checker to make necessary corrections. You are WELL ahead of the norm. Thumbs up, young man. You’re off to a GREAT start! Keep up the good work!

    In reply to your well-phrased question, I would buy some of the Berkley Gulp minnows. Get the 4″ ones that MOST look like a real fish. I had your problem a year ago with spawning rainbow trout. Everyone around me was trying the typical worms, salmon eggs, and dough baits from a number of manufacturers including Berkley’s Power Bait, all to no avail. I had a new package of the minnows in my box, so I opened up and added one to the little gold egg hook I had already been fishing with. The difference in how I fished it is what I believe made ALL the difference in my catching fish when no one else did. There was a light 4 to 6″ chop on the surface of the water which I prefer. I had a clear Kast-A-Bubble float on my line about 3 to 4 feet up from the hook. {They come in colors too, but I prefer clear because I think they are less offensive to spooky fish.} I hooked the minnow just under the dorsal area like I would a living minnow. The bounce on the water was perfect for giving the faux minnow a nice-n-lively action that convinced a GREAT trout that it was the real deal and not just another of the typical attempts it had already seen far too much of. Our ice is due to go out within the next couple of weeks, and when it does, you can be sure that I will be going out too. Out to fish for those fussy fish with little more than sex on their minds. And you can be certain I will be doing for them EXACTLY what I just recommended you do for the nesting bass. Let that offering drift over their nest and they will pick it up to carry it off. Just remember the reason they are there, and after a VERY quick photo, let ‘em go. You’ll want to do this again next year. Right?

  6. The bass u saw r in prespawn and depending on where u live the water is probably pretty cold if the water is in the 50s try using a jerkbait or u can go by the creek and cast a small plastic in there that is where have been catchin mine so it could work. Hope this helped. Good Luck and Good fishing!

  7. ..for catfish BACON (hotdogs work too but bacon stays on the hook way better)

    ..for panfish worms, or pieces of worms, bacon, hotdog, minnows, bread balls, also marabou jigs work very well (note: something i learned far too late.. if the blugills are constantly stealing your bait, use LESS, and use tiny tiny hooks so they just inhale it instead of nibbling)

    ..for bass you’re on your own, im still trying to figure them out. All i know is theyre freaking smart.. and must be enticed by lifelike things

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