How to fish in a golf course pond?

I go out at like 3:00 pm (even though i know thats a bad time) and i see fish jumping but i cant catch them. I use a pole with a reel obviously, i have a hook and a glittery green worm attached to it with a weight above it. I dont know if i should use a bobber and if my bait is no good either. I would like a fishing afficianado to help me.

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4 thoughts on “How to fish in a golf course pond?

  1. honestly idk just be patient i only fish for fun sometimes
    ‘How to fish in a golf course pond” just really caught my attention

  2. You need a fly fishing rig. The fish are feeding on this ponds surface insects. In the evening is the popular time to be where they feed. So just fling out the line and twitch the fly when it lands right on the surface. Fish will believe it is the exact insect they have been feeding on. Guaranteed success.

  3. You are using the wrong bait. You need to use tees, ball markers, or pieces of golf balls.

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