How to fix my spinning fishing reel?

I have a penn 450ssg. The problem is that when I lift the bail to cast, I cast then begin to reel. But when I begin to reel, the bail doesn’t snap back down unless I manually do it. Does something need to be tightened or what?

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5 thoughts on “How to fix my spinning fishing reel?

  1. Check the bail, make sure it is not bent. I am willing to bet that may be the case.

  2. maybe your reels needs a little tune up…a good re greasing and oiling may do the trick..if not somethings either come loose or broke on the inside

  3. Spray WD-40 or reel oil on the hinge and work it back and forth. If it moves easily but doesn’t snap back on its own you need a new spring. If it stays closed but doesn’t move easily you need to work it more or you might have a rust problem. Having said that, a lot of people including myself always manually close the bail because it helps prevent line twist. Still, it should snap back easily with just a little flick.

  4. Hello, I’ve listed not only a schematic of your Reel for you to see how your bail works but also a dealer that sells all parts to do with your Reel. I recommend this dealer as I have used them many times in the past to repair old Penn and new as well.

    On your particular Reel the bail arm screw may be to tight, there is also the trip lever or the cam lever which might be catching either because it’s worn or dirty. Check the schematic so you may understand better of what I’m speaking off. Never use wd-40 on any Reel because it tends to pick up dirt particle in the air. What I use is
    Cal’s grease.

    You may also contact the site in source for further questions on your Reel problems.

    Best of luck.

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