How to go about commercial rod & reel fishing for stripped bass?

Pinhookers used to do it. How much money can an ok rod and reel fisherman make in massachusetts? I heard tales of men making $200 a day. Not bad for going fishing. License is only about $100 so I was thinking maybe this is something I could do

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3 thoughts on “How to go about commercial rod & reel fishing for stripped bass?

  1. I looked into it a bit ..all the info is on the mass dep site…. you have to catch fish.. as I’m out of state it would be to costly for me… I think the seasons is limited to 1 or two weeks ,,not sure.. I think its 10 fish a day???… they also list buyers… I guess you get a swipe card as well… it will all depend on the price / lb… pay to fish is a good plan even if it doesnt work out you still get to fish… sounds like win… win

  2. Do it the same way those idiots and drama queens do it on “Wicked Tuna”… get a TV show on National Geographic.

    Lulz. You can call it “Wicked Stripers”! Lmao!

  3. Tougher than you think,you have to know things the others don’t,like where they are.pretty good for someone who hasn’t ever even fished for tuna off mass waters calling them idiots?( wtfigliedoo idoit can judge others without any experience,just proves what they really are just shut up will ya),making a living that’s what.ANYWAYS,striper fishing commercially is tough in Mass,but you can lay out all that money and try.Stripers run about ten dollars a pound retail to the public,when you can get them in quantity.So if you can locate the fifty pounders regularly,you’ll do ok.Most will be in the thirty pound class,around Martha’s vineyard,and Nantucket where the majority are taken,mostly by Monomoy.

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