How to put in new fishing line?

I’m gonna try fishing for carps, my question is how do I remove and store the line I have on the reel, and how do I replace it with the 25lb line that I want to use? On that note what’s the best bait to use for carps? Any tips you like to share?

PS: I just got my fishing license 2 days ago, so pardon my dumb questions.

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5 thoughts on “How to put in new fishing line?

  1. we dont have a clue of what kind of reel you’re changing the line on?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. all you need to do is thread the line through the eyes of the rod, flip the “bale” (the wire wire thing on the reel) and tie a uni knot on the spool,

    than get a spool of 14, to10 pound test Sufix Siege (when your reeling the line in, make sure the label of the spool is face up) it’s great line for beginners, it’s coronation and abrasion resistant and has very little amount of memory. after you tie the knot on spool, than you take a sock, or old rag and very very tightly pinch the line between you fingers with one hand and with the other reel in the line making sure you get the line on tight when it looks like the right amount reel about 5 more cranks, than you snip the line with some clippers and squeeze the line if it’s squishy than you need to take the line off to the knot and start over.

    Worms work well, but it also GREATLY depends on the kind of carp we’re talking about, but for commons, corn works well along with dough. A good, less expensive dough is a dog food dough, replace the flour with finely ground up dog food, add water, make sure it’s a consistency that will stay on the hook. A simple way to find out is to get a hook and put the dough on the hook, place the hook with the dough in a five gallon bucket, wight for about half an hour, when you look at the hook the dough should still be on, if it is not, than you need make it thicker. but the problem is is to getting the dough into a powdery consistency. Maggots, also play an important roll in carp fishing, all you needs a simple bobber, split shot, and a bobber, fish around reeds and Lilly pads foe best results. Corn flakes in soaked milk made into a round ball and put on a hook the a bobber and split shot also works very well, you can see if it stays on the hook following the the same proses and with the dog food dough.

    “`good fishing“`

  3. i use 15lb spider mono, xxx line,, a 7′ heavy action rod and a matched reel…. or you could use braid line, or mono.

    are you targeting big fish? 25lb xxx spider mono, or braid ain’t a bad idea.

    i use commercial carp bait, worms, or whole kernel corn.

    use a circle hook, #6 to #2 size on a leader, with a swivel above, and an egg, pyramid, or disk sinker- 3/4 oz to 1.5oz, with a beed between the sinker and swivel. cast it out, let the fish hook himself as he runs away. (you do need to hold the rod).

  4. All I can say is, those Carp will not get near 25lb. test line.

  5. Just have the lined reel on the rod.. if it’s a two piece rod ..remove the top piece.
    hold the rod at one end – either use a heavy book or get a person to help.
    Get another reel .. thread the end of the line to the other reel …open the bale of the first reel… i usually take this opportunity to clean the line by using a slight soapy cloth and hold the line while reeling it in……

    more at

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