6 thoughts on “I am thinking about buying a telescoping fishing pole. Is there a certain kind that I should get?

  1. daiwa of shimano make some of the best rods and reels going stick with these and you wont go far wrong they also make good carp crunching poles that have the elastic inside that you don’t need a reel that will handle most fish up to 20 pounds

  2. Telescoping rods, (in my opinion), are junk.

    Unless you are using them for crappie/bluegill fishing OR you spend a BUNDLE buying an expensive version, you are getting junk.

    If you need a rod that “breaks-down” buy a pack-rod.

    Pack rods come in various weights, styles, & price. The quality of these rods are 100% better than purchasing and using a T-rod.

    I could be wrong however; wait for Ingun, Goldenfeather, Exert, Etc, answers. They may be able to shed some new light on the Q.

    Tight lines!

  3. Have ta’ agree with stop_makin_, regardin’ the telescopic rod, They lack quality which in turns = life expectency. Any time a rod blank in incased in another and I don’t care what kind of technology is used ~ it was just never meant ta’ be (personal opinion)!! Don’t know what your reason behind gettin’ one is, but if it be size then I think you’d be better off with say a mini combo. Goin’ that way is also goin’ to depend on what species and size fish your lookin’ at?. I had a Daiwa Mini-Spin Combo for years and that “puppy-dog” is still nailin’ fish ;). Link will give ya’ an idea of the setup I’m talkin’ about. Good luck ;)…

    Daiwa Mini Spin Combo

    Dawia Mini Cast Combo

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