I have a 6’6″ shakespeare travel mate fishing rod. Will any shakespeare reel work on it?

Do all shakespeare reels work on shakespeare rods?

More specifically, will a Shakespeare Agility Spinning Wheel work on a Shakespeare 6’6″ Spinning Rod?

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3 thoughts on “I have a 6’6″ shakespeare travel mate fishing rod. Will any shakespeare reel work on it?

  1. sure it will,
    just match the pound test for your line thats reasonable for the fish your catching

  2. Yes it will, you can match just about any rod with any reel when being modest. Your not going to want to put a huge reel on an ultralight. I have 2 Agility spinning reels on 6’6 Berkley Cherrywood Graphite rods.

    It should work well. I think the reel is rated up to 10 LB test.

  3. yes,and they don’t even have to be shakespeare,it could be from any manufacturer who makes a fishing reel,they are readily interchangable with other makers products,the only factor is the style of reel matches the style of rod,spinning with spinning,baitcaster with casting and spincast with spincast rod all should work,no matter if they are from the same company or not.the size could also be a factor,you wouldn’t put a heavy salt water reel on a light freshwater rod,or vise versa,it would be awkward to use.Also you would want it to be balanced,for comfort and ease of use,the balance point for a spinning rod is at the handle where you hold it for a cast,it should be horizontal and level if the reel weight matches the length and weight of the rod it’s on.that’s with line loaded on the reel spool,and it should be able to be held level using only one finger under the rod at that balance spot.

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