I have a castable fish finder and notice the bass are?

Suspended between 2-4 in a pond that is 7 ft deep on average. I cannot bottom fish a texas rig if they are 2-4 ft up. I can resort to shiners but i only do that once in awhile as i like to improve on my techniques. tHis time of yr in florida they seem to have already spawned. THis time last year i was able to land alot of fish and a 6 lb avaerage is the norm i actually caught a 12pounder in the weed around the edge with a frog. The attack was ferocious and fun but there is no longer any weeds as they have added carp to keep down on the weeds. Any suggestions??

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3 thoughts on “I have a castable fish finder and notice the bass are?

  1. Use a spinner bait like the ole tried and true H & H if they are suspended 2-4 Ft. I get the yellow and black ones: Black head with yellow skirts or yellow and black skirts: What my girl friend does is knock the paint off the head then she paints them red with her fingernail polish. And if you are going to be fishing in murky water she uses a sparkly looking red. They seem to work best for some reason. She saying it makes it look like blood in the water.
    That also works when fishing for crappie. We buy yellow Beetle spins and I knock the paint off the head while she paints the heads red with her nail polish.
    Use a worms (purple, red, etc.) if they are suspended 2-4 inches: And if water is read murky we usually switch to worms with metallic flakes in them.

    If you are going to be fishing on top use a double propeller bait like a skip jack.
    As far as finding them along the edges you will just have to do some scouting watching for were you see them striking the surface. Also looking for any sunken logs or logs partially in the water.
    A couple days of scouting will sure save a lot of wasted effort when you start fishing.

  2. Hmmm…..Well, ugh……#1. I would not place a ton of confidence in those Humminbird cast-able fish finders.

    Because, the pixels/contrast on those units aren’t very high you could be picking up 6″ Bluegills, sticks, schools of minnows, Etc.

    However, your Carp situation may be a major issue.

    If I were you I’d become a Carp fisherman and start making some “carp fertilizer”, (if you know what I mean). Carp RUIN natural Bass/Bluegill habitat by eating everything “green” and leaving lakes barren of any weeds. I’ve seen it happen over and over in Florida lakes/ponds. People/real estate company’s think by putting a couple hundred Carp in a lake/pond it will keep the weeds down and help a lake stay “pretty”, BUT, 9 times out of 10 it ends up causing a fish kill.

    Grass Carp have no real natural predators in a man-made or small lake/pond. Because of this, they just continue to eat and grow. After 2-3 years 8-10 medium-sized Carp can literally devastate a 100 acre Florida pond! Can you imagine what 100 Carp would do to a lake?

    The reason your Bass, (if those are Bass and not Bluegill or misreads), are suspending is probably because the weed-beds/vegetation they would normally hide in & stage around are disappearing.

    Weeds and water-plants add nutrients and O2 to a lake, once the Carp EAT all the plants guess what happens?

    Fish begin dying.

    I’ve seen lakes/ponds have huge fish kills (due to Carp) SO bad that the lake could only support Mudfish, frogs, & minnows.

    A good idea would be to make some Fish attractors so your fish have a place to hide from Osprey, birds and other predators…..

    X-mas trees, wire-wrapped bundles of palm fronds weighted down with cinder-blocks, Etc.

    Hope this helps somehow……

    Here’s some info on Grass Carp in Fla- http://plants.ifas.ufl.edu/guide/grasscarp.html

  3. Use a suspending crankbait or a spinnerbait or like you said try a topwater presentation

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