I have some questions about fishing (10 points for best answer)?

Right. So I’ve finally found for myself what kinds of bait and tackle work best for me during the morning and day, but my question is, will the same sort of bait work in the night as well?

For example, I have AMAZING luck catching largemouth bass with a red shad senko-type worm and a red colored hook, all rigged texas style with a slipshot right above the hook during the morning and day, but what is the likelihood that the same thing will be productive at night as well?

Thanks in advance.

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2 thoughts on “I have some questions about fishing (10 points for best answer)?

  1. Red shad is a fairly dark color I think… correct me if I’m wrong. But anyway, if it is in fact a fairly dark color, it should work at night.

    Honestly, if you wanna use plastics, you’re better off fishing black worms between 8 and 10 inches long, maybe even up to 12 inches.

  2. To create a contrast at night, use darker color baits.Even better, use blue colored baits. White and pink spinner baits can be used on a full moon night. You can also carry some gold, chrome, nickel metallic baits that will reflect the glints of dock lights and a full moon.

    Good luck!

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