6 thoughts on “I need a good saltwater spinning reel that can hold around 300 yards of 20lb monofilament line.?

  1. Buy a Penn Spinfisher 950 for $160 and you can spool 600 yards of 50lb Calcutta braid. Thats my number one surf reel.

  2. If your going for Surf fishing, you cant go wrong with the Penn. If you need to stay in your budget, take a look at the Okuma Salina Bait feeder. I just purchased one for a Mexico trip we are going on next month. I have not used it yet! But have friends who have.$126.00 I have the AF-80 260 yrds of 25 lb line.

  3. Most any of the 90 series reels will hold the amount of line you needed.I have Okuma’s and Fin nor 90’s and they will do the job for the price you are asking about!

  4. look for a used penn 704z in good condition. get 2 spools with the reel and fill one with 40lb braided line annd fill one up with 20lb mono line. your other questions say your going to be fishing in oc in june so you will need a huge reel. there will be big sand tigers and big rays in the surf. use the braid in the surf and mono at the inlet

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