I need help determining what flies to use on my Fly Fishing trip.?

Im going to fly fish one of the best fly fishing rivers on Long Island. Im not really sure what kind of flies to use this time of the year. If anyone has any idea on a type of fly to use please help…

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4 thoughts on “I need help determining what flies to use on my Fly Fishing trip.?

  1. Fine out what the fish are eating and go for it on what there eating o.k. Good luck on the idea o.k.

  2. Call ahead to a fly shop in the area and ask. You need find out what is hatching there now. Usually this time of year a number 14-16 caddis fly is good. But also fish brown terrestrials like caterpillars and grasshoppers.

  3. this time of year you can get some nice terrestrial action with stuff like hoppers and ants…and ive had pretty good luck near me with some elk hair caddis’s..then take a couple mayfly type flys cause u never know when u may stumble into a hatch..and as for nymphs and wets im not sure i usualy just look in the river and try to match a bug i see float by

  4. we like dry flies best… probably use a caddie the most… or sometimes a grasshopper… like what the others have said take some time when you get to the water and look for bugs… better yet bugs with fish surfacing and eating them…

    some times we’ll fish a hole for a while and get nothing… then we’ll sit there for 10 minutes just watching… then we’ll tie on what we think they’re eating … we crawl on our belly, and cast sitting if we have too to stay hidden… than we cast just up stream of where they’re surfacing… likes to slap the water a bit with our fly when it lands… and let it drifft with the current… BAM works almost every time…

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