5 thoughts on “I never went fishing before, but am planning to and I have some questions?

  1. If you go to a river you mostly want to use a fly fishing rod, very complicated, if you use a regular pole, the current will take it and you most likely will not catch a thing.

  2. I’ve fished lakes and rivers for over 40 years… you CAN fish rivers with a regular pole and even just worms on a hook on the pole… I’ve caught plenty of fish that way even in the Hudson River…. the one thing you might want to check is – – – depending on your age, you MIGHT need a fishing license… if you are over 14 years of age you pretty much need one in any state… In NY state they are $19 but they expire at the end up September… (licenses are good from October – September each year and must be re-applied for every year)..without that license which MUST be kept on you at all times while fishing, you risk heavy fines…

  3. Most definitely it will work anywhere you fish. Its all about your presentation of your bait and and the kind of bait you use……

  4. Yes, but just start out on a local pond. Just a simple hook, boober, and worm will work. If there’s a dock just push the button on the reel , and let the line go in the water. Wait till a fish gets hook, and moves around the bobber. Then reel it in!
    Here’s a funny vid on how to cast it will help!
    There’s others like this also.

  5. A fishing pole will work in any body of water you go to. You will sometimes need different setups for saltwater fishing and the size and type of pole needed will vary according to what fish you are after, but for a beginner any rod and reel with line, weight and/or bobber, hook and bait or lure will do for getting started in any river.

    Check out this website, it will give you some tips on casting, bait, fishing locations, types of fish, etc. I have found it to be very helpful:


    Hope this helps. Tight lines!!

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