5 thoughts on “i want to buy a fish finder ,does anyone know what the best one is?

  1. Humminbird and Lowrance are the top 2. Hard to give you a “best one” because you didn’t state a budget….??

    You can spend as much as $2000 on “the best” fish finder.

    In my opinion, if you want the best I’d suggest this finder- http://www.basspro.com/Humminbird-798c-HD-SI-Sonar-GPSWAAS-Chartplotter-Combo/product/10209878/-1751535

    Probably the most important feature today on a good finder is the GPS mapping technology, (Navionics & Lakmaster). Yes, the side finding and down scanning feature is nice and can help you locate fish. But, being able to have a contour/depth map of your local lakes with a GPS “real-time” marker REALLY helps you locate fish. Why?

    With the GPS mapping features you can pin-point great structure to fish offshore. And structure-finding, (including depth drops, sunken islands, submerged trees & roadbeds, Etc), is more important than ANY side-finding scanning.

    Hope this helps?

  2. No doubt I would get the Lowrance HDS 10 it is the best in my opinion it is expensive but worth it!!

  3. The best one is the one you can easily understand and use kinda like the Hummingbird 300 series. The higher priced units will have more bells & whistles and more times than not the inexperienced fisherman will spend more time playing with their new toy rather than fishing.

    The link below is a sampling of the 300 series depth finders.

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