If I buy a new fish finder, can I still use my old transducer?

I have an old (late 80s-early 90s) Humminbird finder and was looking to upgrade. If I get a new Humminbird (looking at a 525 or Piranha), can I continue to use the same transducer, or do I need to us the one that comes with the new finder? Will I be able to use the same mount/bracket that’s already on my boat (at the bottom of the transom)? Also, if I decide to go with a brand besides Humminbird, will I need to remount another new bracket, or are all the brackets pretty much alike? I’m trying to save time, money, and holes in my boat. Thanks everybody!

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2 thoughts on “If I buy a new fish finder, can I still use my old transducer?

  1. New fish finders like the Hummingbird 525 or the Piranha come with the base and the transducer complete. However these will not support your old transducer. and why would you down grade the new fish finder system by attaching the old equipment, if you are looking to up grade your equipment?
    Nancy N`s answer will not give you the answer you are looking for sorry.
    Surely you can give 2 hours to install the new equipment.Sunday after church or before football maybe.
    Also all holes can be repaired.
    Pro advice don`t cheapen your rig.

  2. Don’t let your existing ‘ducer limit your choices of fishfinders.

    if you have to mount a new bracket, use marine-tex to fill the holes — it’s a 2-part fiberglass putty makes a permanent repair see http://www.marinetex.com

    when you drill for the new ‘ducer, coat the screws with 3m 5200 marine adhesive sealant.

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