4 thoughts on “I’m an avid shark fisherman. What does everyone like to use to shark fish and where at?

  1. I live in Florida. And i fish in the gulf of mexico. If im going to go fishing for sharks I almost always catch a smaller fish first. like a lady fish. And use that fishes head and put it on a heavy duty rod.

  2. Im a shark fishermen in new jersey. Shark fishing for me is the only type of fishing next to catfishin and stuff where it’s just more of hanging out waiting for a fish with friends well having a fire and stuff. Right at the moment I’m actually not in new jersey but fishing somewhere else ( have the only internet connection in miles) baits I usually just find bunker and hook em up. Pretty much I just have a ugly Stik and some Shakespeare rod lined with 65 lb braid and a steel leader. That’s about it we toss it in the deepest spot and wait. Most people don’t like steel leaders but a 40 lb thresher isn’t coming in without a fight

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