3 thoughts on “Im just having a real trouble with the reel seat of my rod?

  1. Depends on the type of reel seat and the problem you’re having. If it’s just stuck, first I’d try some WD-40 to help lubricate the reel seat so you can loosen it, maybe grip the rings with channel locks or something to turn it to loosen it.

    If the main body of the reel seat is cracked or broken so you can’t loosen it at all, then you may have to take a hacksaw to it to get it apart so you can save your reel. You’ll have to get a new handle for the rod afterwards — you can’t replace the reel seat otherwise.

  2. Your best bet, would be to purchase a NEW rod & reel.
    If you use the NEW rod & reel , in saltwater, be sure wash both the rod & reel, in freshwater, after each use & lubricate the reel seat ever couple of months, to keep it functioning properly & at the same time, clean & lube the reel too

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