10 thoughts on “I’m looking into buying a fishing rod/reel combo. What is a good brand to get without spending a ton of money

  1. A classic Zebco 202 combo is a good starting point.
    Itll work for most fishing, unless you are going for muskie, and the big freshwater fish.
    Most anglers Im sure started with something like this, I know I did.
    Its simple, rugged, and easy to use.

    Have fun.

  2. if u are looking for a rod and reel that u can use for bass,crappie,bluegill,and possibly catfish,u problably want to go with a spinning outfit.reason being it is hard to throw small baits,1/8oz or smaller on a casting reel.also u can use smaller line on spinning reels than casting reels.with to small a line on a casting reel it will tend to tangle.
    i personally like a shimano spinning reel.if a shimano is a little out of ur price range u can go with a abu garcia.
    most is relly preferance to what u like.

  3. Go with Daiwa. Good brand, not that expensive… $50 will buy you a decent combo. It all depends what kind of fishing you will do.

    The combo deals are usually best for lake and river fishing, but if you are going to fish a lot on the ocean, you might want to spend more for something more heavy duty.

  4. Get that Ugly Stick Moosie said to get. A 6 footer and put a Shimano open faced reel on it. That’s a good first rig. You can get a decent cheap combo at Wally World.

  5. Any type of shakespeare is good to me. Its the only kind of pole and rod i ever buy. If you want a good rod buy an Ugly Stik and if you want a good reel buy the Catera

  6. Check a tackle store such as BassProShops, Cabellas, Academy, Gander Mountain, Wal-Mart. If you are starting out I would suggest a spin-cast outfit to start with. Spend as much as you can afford because the quality of your equipment will affect your success. If you buy something cheap and you are constantly pulling out tangles or losing lures because of cheap equipment you will quickly becomed turned off to this sport. Like I said, buy the best equipment you can afford and your fishing trips will be more productive and pleasurable. If you go to a place like BPS or Cabella’s the people there will be happy to help you make a selection on your first rig. And don’t give up……….this is a sport that gives back as much as you put into it. You can go out with a carton of worms and catch panfish all day long or eventually invest in more and more tackle to chase black bass. There are days when I go out after black bass and only get a couple of bites but like the saying goes “a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work”. Do not become discouraged…….stay with it……..and above all, always be ready , because when you least expect it you will get a bite and the one you miss could be the fish of a lifetime. Good luck and tight lines

  7. Their are alot out their a spinning rod/reel combo would be the most versitale from panfish to bass. I would suggest spending a little extra that way you don’t run into problems you can get alot of decent combo’s around $100 at bass pro or cabella’s. One thing to look for is the amount of ball bearings it does make a difference. I would suggest at least a 5 ball bear reel and a med. to med. Hvy rod in graphite its more sensitive. On the cheap side they sell a reel made by spider at walmart that has I believe 8 ball bearings and they run around $30 and you can get a tourney special rod at bass pro for around $29 bucks or a GS I think they run around 19 bucks. I personally use Pfluger President reels with 10 ball bearings and they have given me no problems in the first two years I’ve owned them, it’s a good quality reel and I use bass pro extreme rods, they run around $110 for the combo in a spinning outfit. I spend alot of time fishing bass and catch some pike on occasion and never had a problem yet. Good Luck

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