im looking to buy a new fishing reel?

i use a spinning reel. right now i have a old quantum snapshot that i found in my basement a couple years ago and it has caught me alot of fish! from pike to bass to salmon. but now, i want a new reel. i was looking at a new snapshot, but i am willing to go to a reel without a trigger. although i would prefer a snapshot. the most i am willing to spend on a new reel is 49.99. any suggestions?

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9 thoughts on “im looking to buy a new fishing reel?

  1. If you can find the one you want for 50 bucks, go for it. If you want something that is good for river, ocean, bass/salmon type ordeals, you may want to go more expensive with a reel that can hold up to 30# line.

  2. Your local outdoors/hunting store will most likely have a good selection but it may be more money. If not try a store like sports authority.

  3. Daiwa┬« Regal┬«-XiA Spinning Reel is a good choice for you. At $49.99 it fits your budget on the nose. They sell them at Bass Pro Shops, and customers who have fished with it have gave it a 4.7 out of 5. For the additional info, google search “Daiwa Regal XIA” You won’t be sorry you bought it. Oh yea, here’s the link to it on Bass Pro
    Hope i helped ya out.

  4. Shimano is always good to go with, as they are great with their replacement policy and have a decent selection of reels at reasonale prices. We have busted/worn out many a Shimano, and even if it’s years and years later, we usually get sent a replacement reel by the company. I’ve had a Shimano Syncopate for a couple of years now, and it has treated me well. And it’s very wallet-friendly. Good luck!

  5. I would suggest going with a Shimano, they are relatively cheap and they work great. they also come with a trigger. I personally own a TX-2500FD. It is a great real with excellent casting it only cost me 24.99 and has proved to be more than capable of handling bass, channel catfish, mudfish (bowfin), gar, and the occasional turtle. The only downside to this reel is that the anti-reverse is not quite infinite. They have larger models of this reel that should make the pike and salmon no problem at all.

  6. I am a tournament fisherman. I dont have time to use something that is going to fail. So, what do I use….Pflueger President. You can get it at Bass Pro for 59.99. It is a great real. Look into it. Check out the product reviews. I know everyone says shimano. Shimano is good, but remember you are paying for a name aswell. Just like buying a BMW. I work at bass pro and I had alot of shimano guy’s witch to this reel.

  7. I think all Daiwa, Shimano, and Pflueger reels are great. If you want something just as good and reliable at $39.99, buy a Shakespeare Tidewater 4460. The new tidewater is practically the same as the Penn Sargus (Shakespeare bought Penn), or the Pflueger Asaro (Shakespeare owns Pflueger too). Don’t be deceived by the number of ball bearings, for the most part, all those bearings are quite unnecessary. A good reel usually has between 3 and 6 ball bearings, any more is just for show. Actually, when 9 or more bearings are cramped into that small space, it causes more trouble than does good. Try Cabelas, they have lots of great reels under $50. Good luck. And don’t forget: the fish are not interested in the brand of your tackle at all.

  8. I have to second the Pflueger President reel recommendation.

    You won’t find a better designed reel for lower.

    (Thumbs to Justin, Charles S & Gonefishing.)

  9. Get a Alvey….

    They are good reels…

    Had mine for over 15 years…

    Caught quite a few fish with them..
    And is still working well….

    Just needa oil her up sometimes but rather than that it is a good reel…and relatively cheap when i bought mine but i dunno now…

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