4 thoughts on “In Lake Michigan, when you can’t mark a fish on a fishfinder, where are the fish?

  1. Possibly in deeper water trying to find cooler water. or near the bottom where your fish finder is not registering them.

  2. When your on Lake Michigan, you want to try and find the thermocline. This is where cooler and warmer water mix. This level attracts baitfish for its abundance of food which in turn attracts the gamefish. Turning up the gain while trolling will help you see this level or they make special products for locating this.

  3. Try playing with you sensitivity settings, and see if that will help.
    Also play with the depth range and don’t depend on automatic settings. With you unit set on the manufactures automatic settings you will miss a lot of fish that are close to structure or hugging the bottom.
    Set you depth range say 0 -20 ft for a time and see if anything shows, if not put it on bottom lock and drop the depth range to how ever the deep it is to say 15 -20 ft above the bottom. This will give you a much better bottom picture.
    After that and in most cases if the water is real warm the fish will be suspended and you again will have to play with you settings according to how deep it is.
    Also you will need to do some research to find out about the thermocline, and figure out how to set you settings so this will show up. Fish will not be below the thermocline.
    If nothing else read the manual, if you do not have one, go to the brands web page. Most of the time they have manuals for units that you can down load for free…..if it is still a current model, still would not hurt to check.

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