4 thoughts on “In your opinion what is the best fishing lure for catching walleye?

  1. In my opinion a jointed rapala and a 1 oz sinker. It’s set up with the main line to a 3 way swivel, put the sinker (I prefer teardrop) dropping down about 6′ and about a 12′-18′ of leader to the lure. The weight bounces along the bottom, and the lure stays close, but doesn’t get hung up very often, and it produces some big walleye. I do this when I am with my friend up north in his boat.

  2. Walleyes will bite on a multitude of different lures, depending on season, time of day, available forage, local preferences, etc, making no single lure the the “best” for walleye. However, if I were to choose one lure to use for walleye, it would be a jig. You can get them in various sizes and color/color combinations, use a lot of different dressings on them, tip them with live bait, fish them in many different ways, from dragging them on bottom to counting down to a specific depth and “swimming” them back to the boat, even troll with them.

  3. That would depend on the time of year. Many lures will work all year long it just may be hard to find a presentation to use them effectively.
    What I use in the winter and spring tends to be difficult to use in late summer because the fish move out of the shallower waters. I have one bait I use as often as I effectively can because it consistently catches walleye for me. Thats the 2″ cotton cordell Big O in a black and gold color combo.
    I also use allot of jig’s just depends on the time of year and depth of water and fish. Finding active walleye will always be more of a problem than finding an effective bait IMO. Btw the color combo I spoke of is no longer a mass produced paint scheme. It has to be special ordered.
    I have seen some for sale on Ebay though. Good luck

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