Is Farm Pond, Framingham,Massachusetts as good a fishing area as they say it is?

Im gonna do some late 5-6 hour fishing there and I do not own a boat and I am going to be using my saltwater rod with maybee a plastic worm or something in that area. Please tell me if it’s as good as they say and please tell me what is recomended for fishing there.
It is also late September (23rd) and its the first day of Fall here so tips and tricks for the fall would help too.

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One thought on “Is Farm Pond, Framingham,Massachusetts as good a fishing area as they say it is?

  1. If you are using a salt water rod I fear the reel will have much too heavy a line on it to not be seen by the pond’s fish. The only way around that is to tie on an 8 pound leader of about fifty feet. Another thing fishing ponds that are well fished you might want to stand 20 feet from shore and cast plastic worms, lizards, and larger grubs all around the shallows close to the shoreline areas before you walk up. Walking up to the edge will certainly spook the bass that feed close to shore. Use fall colors for shallow water, earth tones: browns, rusts, darker green backs and tan bellies on swimbaits and for deeper water you might want to go toward the blues and purples. If the pond has any open deep areas you can throw a crankbait out and easily bring it back without getting snagged. The small water secret is to make the bait look like it’s dying, changing rod tip heights, fast then slow and even stop retrieves, spastic, erratic ways changing the retrieve up. Come back and tell us how you fared.

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