6 thoughts on “Is fishing with soft plastic lures good in saltwater?

  1. Fishing with soft plastics in the salt CAN be good, but your question is a little vague. What kind of baits are we talking? What do you hope to catch?

  2. I think that they would do just fine, plastics have an advantage of added realism. They work good almost anywhere you fish. I’ve seen people use plasticks on the Odch and catch plenty of fish.

  3. Depending on the color and style of soft plastics, they can work from good to great to just plain f*ckin’ awesome.

    Curly-tailed grubs in greens, yellows, reds, and browns on a lead jighead or Carolina rig work great for surf perch while fishing sandy beaches in the surf. A straight-tailed, six-inch oxbloood colored plastic worm on a Carolina or Texas rig works great for halibut and big surf perch. Big scampies on a heavy lead jighead work for halibut also.

    Soft plastic swimbaits like those with internal weights from Storm work well being casted out from boats or piers and quickly jigged along shallow bottoms… halibut, white sea bass, calico bass, etc. will strike.

    This is in Southern California… in the Ventura/Santa Barbara beach areas.

  4. depends what kind you bought, i lve in florida and use the doa shrimp series and saltwater assasians or berkly gulp shads a bunch they work really well caught some of my biggest trout/reds/snook on soft plastics..dont know what your are fishing for though….

  5. Speckled Trout, Snook, and Red Fish love any mirror lure. If it shines and you run it through a light at night correctly you can’t go wrong.

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