Is it good to fish where there is heavy foliage for fish?

Lakes around here have lot of foliage and tall grass growing near the bank.
I usually fish from shore and currently is investing in a boat. I’ve been told that large fish love heavy foliage. Thing is I hate loosing my crank baits and spinners in the plant material just to reel in grass. Whats a solution to this??

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4 thoughts on “Is it good to fish where there is heavy foliage for fish?

  1. It depends on whether the type of fish you want live in the underwater plants.
    Use a floating bait, and reel in just a little quicker.
    You could also fish just outside of all the growth. Fish will see the food and charge out of the plants for it. Use a float there, and keep your bait about two thirds of the way down.
    Good luck, and have fun!

  2. Catching bass is great near foliage or other cover. I would suggest you use a weedless worm to fish these area’s though, not a crank.

  3. do you believe everything you hear? anything that makes shade for a bass to relax in when the sky is bright and the sun is out will attract bass (all bass) but the bigger bass will run off the scallywags to sort of call where they are home. here’s the thing you might not have been told though, is that big bass get big because they are smart and something in their make-up (their DNA makes them seek shade but especially if that shade is relatively close to any deep water drop off. So knowing this, allows you, no, it tells you, to not only fish all the drop offs but especially fish under around and in the closest dense cover to all drop offs (especially when the sun is out).

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