Is the Johnson Century 200BG close-faced fishing reel good?

I need to pick up 5 to 8 new reels for guests that come with me to stay at my weekend house in Guntersville, AL (great bass fishing, if you’ve never been). These reels will supplement any gear they may bring themselves, which is often minimal for a few of them, and will be used primarily for bass but may also be used for some bream/blue-gill fishing.

Right now, I’m looking at the Johnson Century 200BG, which Cabela has priced at right around $22 each.

Has anyone ever used this model? What do you think of it? Recommendations for other close-faced reels?
I agree with baitcasters being the best bet for those that fish a good bit, but as mentioned, they do take a while to learn. As I now only take 6 to 8 trips a year myself, it is more difficult for me to fish with them but not too bad after the first day (we all love backlashes).

Those of my friends that have their own gear generally have baitcasters, but I need something for the infrequent fisherman – closed face is the way to go, at least from my experience. Although, I am open to ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Is the Johnson Century 200BG close-faced fishing reel good?

  1. Johnson Centurys are good reels. Have used them since I was a kid. With Bass though Id use a baitcast reel spincast may not be strong enough to handle a big bass, Baitcast are a pain to learn though take a LOT of practice. For bream and bluegill spincast are awesome. Good Fishing to you .

  2. Not knocking on Johnson reels, but I find Zebco 33 Classic to be the best spincast reel ever made. They last forever, have a decent drag, and plenty line capacity.

    Here’s a link to a good combo.

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