Is the zebco genesis 2 a good fishing rod?

I just bought a zebco genesis 2 fishing pole and was wondering if it was good for catching salmon/trout from lake michigan?

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One thought on “Is the zebco genesis 2 a good fishing rod?

  1. It’s a nice little spinning rig probably spooled with 10 lb. test line. Now people are all the time asking if their pole will catch a certain fish and always the answer is “Yes it can.” however the person holding the pole is the key factor of if their pole will catch fish or not. Knowing how to set the drag correctly, knowing when to let the fish run and when to reel it in comes from being there when the fish bites.

    Having said all that, your answer is yes your pole will catch salmon and trout. You’ll need to know how to effectively use the rod to your advantage if a 15 pounder bites though.

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