3 thoughts on “Is there a difference between rods with underspin reels or top mounted reels?

  1. ???
    The reel needs to be in a position so as to operate parallel with the eyes for the string. On many rods you will not have a choice. On some you may be able to put it upside down- but it should be obvious to you that its wrong.
    Now…some reels are left hand and some are right hand. That may confuse you.

  2. Yes, there is a difference.

    you can mount a reel on any type rod that you desire, but the results, aren’t always the best

  3. fishing rods have a strong side and a weak side. on underspin reels the strong side is opposite the eyelets. on top mounted reels, the strong side is the same side as the eyelets. you can see how turning it over would have a negative effect. it will still cast and reel, but you wont like trying to catch fish on it.

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