Is there an owners manual to a penn 500 jigmaster, one of the older models? ?

If not how do you change oil or lubricant? My jigmaster is red on the side, pearl handle, with an aluminum spool. The fishing reel has little oil and lubricant ports on it but im not sure if you even have to change it

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4 thoughts on “Is there an owners manual to a penn 500 jigmaster, one of the older models? ?

  1. You take it apart, and it back together after you lubricate it. Grease gears, oil bearings. Or if your too lazy, unscrew the spool tension knob, and put reel oil inside. A couple drops is all.

  2. yes there is a manual,but locating one could be difficult,you could try to download one directly from Penn,but it’s complicated to do the disassembly and re-assembly correctly.There are authorized service centers that can do this service for you,contact penn’s website for the locations,they have one in PA,where the headquarters is.and scattered around the globe too.

  3. a jigmaster is one of the simplest of all reels to service if all you want to do is lube it.
    undo the knurled screw and give the right sideplate a twist, removing it. remove the spool.flush the spool, frame and sideplate with warm, soapy water. let it dry.give the handle a turn. flip the levers. notice any moving parts or sections. give those a light touch of reel grease. the teeth of the main and pinion gears also. put a drop of reel oil, sewing machine oil or 3-in-1 oil in the inside of the bearing cap on the frame section. replace the spool. put a drop of oil on the protruding spool shaft. replace the right side plate, give it a twist to line that knurled screw up with it’s hole, tighten the screw finger tight, you’re done.
    if, before replacing the side plate you can locate either the screw or the hole it screws into, give it a small drop of oil to prevent corrosion.

    now, this is by no means to be construed as a full service which should be done yearly. this should be done every time your reel is used in salt water.
    a full servicing is not at all difficult. a jigmaster doesn’t have all that many parts. the only trick is to remember how to put everything back correctly. which spring, screw or drag washer goes where.
    a complete professional service shouldn’t cost more than 15 or 20 bucks.

    this site has all the schematics of almost everything.

  4. Wow…and old Jigmaster…great reel. You sure that spool is aluminum? At any rate, you should maintain the older Penn reels once a year. That is a break down and cleaning, and re-grease (the main spool shaft and the tension springs) them.

    Periodic oiling with reel lube or tool oil (light lubricating oil, don’t use wd40 too light) during the fishing season at the oiling points is a good idea. A drop or two, don’t go crazy…

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