Is this a good fish finder?

I’m planning to buy a fish finder for some time now and just came across this one today:

Can anyone tell me if it’s worh something? I’m only going to use it on lakes…

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4 thoughts on “Is this a good fish finder?

  1. Ahhhh’, as greenbean put it (my terminology) ~ YUP’ ! However, if your just usin’ it on a lake there be a LOT more out there for a much, much more reasonable price. That, “puppy-dog” aka model DS600X, runs $849.00 (my investagatin’)… Have givin’ ya’ a link that lists different fish finders on the market. Might just check em’ out before investin’ those kind of $$.
    This particular page be for Lowrance (personal opinion ~ one of the better makes). Left hand side of page will list the different brand names and prices. Good luck to ya’ ;)… < ' (( ( > <

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