Is this fishing reel any good?

Found it up in my attic, its been there about 6 years. The reel is a Shimano Syncopate with the number “4000” on the reel, further down on the back it says 4000FA.

2 ball bearings, its light blue with gray/silver.

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4 thoughts on “Is this fishing reel any good?

  1. If your referrin’ to the craftsmanship, then your good;). Shimano is one of the better brands on the market today and has been, for a’ lonnnng while;)… < * { {{ > < Note: I could be wrong (have known ta’ be at times) but, believe the Syncopate has 4 bearins’ and it be the “QuickFire” castin’ type;)…

  2. fishsteelhead is right, the syncopate is four ball bearings. I went through two of these reels, and absoulutly destroyed them. It got to be hard to find parts for, so I gave up and moved on. Lots of graphite, used #10 line

    They Had this dynabalance thing where you could turn the handle real fast and let go, and the reel wouldnt wobble as it slowley spun to a stopThe funnt thing was, I never wound a reel that fast when I fished it.

    They had some pretty neat technology for its time, I think its a little older than 6 years. Use it, or not they sell for around 15 to 30 at tackle swap meets here on the west coast

    Just checked, they still sell these 30 bucks heres the link

  3. Although it only has 2 ball bearings it is a very good model. I have a similar model which I’ve taken to the east coast to catch some snappers and has done very well. It is also a very good salt reel. Mine hasn’t develop and rust and is still holding up well for 2 years of serious fishing.

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