2 thoughts on “lookin for a good bass pond in sacramento ca?

  1. a great place thats full of bass and olny 45 mins away from sac is eastpark reservoir
    look it up on google earth

  2. I’m from the other side of the country, Rhode Island to be exact, but I can help you out a big.

    Your best bet is to boot up Google Earth and look for all kinds of watershed in the area. I spend a lot of time doing this and have found some neat little places that no one knows about. One including a small river where there are smallmouth bass (smallmouth were phased out by largemouth here, therefore theres only 3 or 4 places in the state where you can catch one, but my secret spot is the only place I know where you can in abundence… goes to show what Google Earth can do for you.)

    Look on Google Earth for ponds that are at least a couple acres in size, not too big, not to small. Scout on ponds only accessable by wooded paths off the side of the road, small ponds on the side of the road, etc.

    If you can find a few places that look like they are worth checking out, go to each place in a day (if you have time) and take a few casts at each one with somthing like a Wordens Rooster Tail (size dependent on the type of pole and thickness of line your using), that should initiate a few quick strikes if there are fish there.

    Bring with you a pack of rubber worms… I’d use YUM Dingers in brown with a florecent yellow tip, with an apprioprate hook, and also a top water bait like a ‘Scum Frog’, a Rapala Jointed in size 7 and also a couple rooster tails permitting theres adequate water (not many weeds).

    All 4 of those baits are fish finders and will help figure out whether or not theres fish in that spot in a short amount of time. (Not saying you’ll get a quick trophy, but if you cast and at least get a 8-12″ bass on the first cast, you’ll know theres fish there.)

    If your looking for places that are more along the traveled path, I’d suggest taking a look at the California department of Fish and Game website. I am not familar with their website but in RI ours lists all the state boat launches in the state and also how to get to each one.

    I found a link for the North Central Region of California on the Fish and Wildlife website, go here and you should be able to find maps and locations like I said.

    Good luck!!

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