looking for a fun fishing gift for my hubby?

my hubby’s bday is around the corner and i’m stumped on what to get him. he loves baitfishing for trout ( freshwater fishing) and has tons of gear already – including boat, fish finder, battery , charger, float tube, gps, poles & bait galore ( but anything new that works would help) , downrigger, floating fish light, a smoker, pole holders – soooo much stuff – i know now that i’m writing this that he has so many fish toys, but at gift time his eyes sparkle when given a new fishing toy. what is a wife to do?! i thought about a floating cooler ……..

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7 thoughts on “looking for a fun fishing gift for my hubby?

  1. Well, it is not really for serious fishers but their is an rc boat called the Fishing Buddy that can catch real fish.

  2. I have a float that has an electric motor in it. You turn it on and it trolls your lure. It was given to me as a gift. Maybe you can find one.

  3. Fishin’ Buddy depth finder by BottomLine, it’ll attach right to his float tube.

  4. There are some great picture frames out there that are similar to shadow boxes that he could put pictures of his nice catches. I have a few like one has a little fish with a rod and line, a net, a hat and a little lantern and i have a really pic of a nice walleye i am holding in it. They are really nice !!

  5. Get him a hand held Fishing Game or a Fishing Video game.

    For the man who has it all!


  6. Something that might be cool – if you have some photos of him holding fish he’s caught – hook up with this company http://www.ipixxl.com and maybe they can cut the fish out or him holding the fish – then they print on up to life size removable vinyl.. It is awesome I have a picture of my son right on my wall next to me. It’s really unique and would be a surprise – he will never expect it. Good luck!

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