my humminbird 565 fish finder dose not seam to work properly?

when in normal mode it shows me to be in 800ft of water, then the depth changes back and forth, the screen displays only vertical lines. it is brand new out of the box. dose anyone know what I should do to fix it or what I am doing wrong.

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4 thoughts on “my humminbird 565 fish finder dose not seam to work properly?

  1. Check transducer cable for damage (pinched, broken wire). Battery charged to full voltage and solid wiring connections. Are you actually in 800′ depth water?!? Could be faulty transducer or head unit. Some of the older Hummingbirds have a “Demo Mode” make sure you are not in that mode.
    If you install the transducer on the port side of a Clockwise rotating prop, there is a lot or air bubbles on the up stroke side that could cause problems with the transducer. It’s better to stay away from that if possible.

    from Hummingbird website:
    Erratic Depth (Bottom) Readings
    Before trying the following suggestions, if possible, turn your unit on without using any options or selections to see if the problem may be in the way the depth sounder was set up to operate. Turn all features on Auto and/or set all options to “Restore Defaults” using the Setup Menu tab. If possible, check your unit on a friend’s boat that has the same type of unit and model number. This will indicate whether the problem is with the unit or with the accessories, cables and/or installation. If the unit still has the same problem on your friend’s boat, return it along with a letter explaining the problem in detail. If the unit works correctly on your friend’s boat, proceed with the appropriate suggestions below:

    Remember that the depth sounder measures the depth of water that is below the transducer. The motion of your boat riding up and down on waves can be detected by the depth sounder. Ensure that any variations in depth readings that you are experiencing are not due to the water conditions.
    Be sure you are not trying to run two depth sounders at the same time. Using two depth sounders that run on the same frequencies can cause one or both to show incorrect depth readings. Check your Operations Manual for operating frequencies.

  2. Its the transducer or maybe the way you’ve got it mounted where its not working properly. Some you can mount where they will pickup through the floor. I’ve always mounted mine just to either side of the lower unit on the transom or on trolling motor. If that thing is brand new, I would take it back. Its not worth trouble shooting. You could spend hours and never figure it out.

  3. Be sure it is not to close to the prop .Also if it is tilted up or down horizontally it wont work right .It must be level with the lake bottom .

  4. Had the same problem (Matrix 20) and like others conveyed, sounds ta’ me like it be Transducer. Had ta’ relocate mine (to close ta’ outboard) and change the angle of it. If it be somethin’ internally, then best ta’ take it back to place of purchase. Ya’ go diggin’ into those and it be like tryin’ to get a BAD back-lash un-did outta’ a level-wind (bait castin’ reel) with ones thumbs ;) !!

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