Need some fishing help got a couple questions…?

So im taking this test for work…and i need a little help with these questions….here we go..

#1 In fly fishing what is the difference between double taper and weight forward fly line?

#2 What is the main feature and benefit of the new lightweight fishing waders?

#3 what is the main benefits of the spectra type line that leads to it recent popularity?

#4 what are the benefits of fiberglass and graftif rods?

#5 what is the main advantage of a felt sole wader?

#6 What technology enable fish finders to work effectively?

#7 What are the benefits of color in fishing lures?

Thanks in advance

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One thought on “Need some fishing help got a couple questions…?

  1. couple ?????

    1.. double means both ends are tapered, no front or back. weight forward means the weight is on the front side of the line, the casting end.

    2.. either light in weight or light in insulation. first on is obvious. the latter is for warm water only, so you do not freeze.

    3.. no comment

    4.. graphite is a carbon based material- very tough, sensitive and light in weight. fiberglass is the tough, sensitive, but weighs a bit more than graphite. (hope that is what you want, never heard of graftif)

    5.. better traction on flat surfaces.

    6.. better sonar technology, advances in technology throughout

    7.. different prey, different colors; water color, when fishing with egg or egg sacks, different age of the egg is different colors.

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