What is the best reel for casting light lures (1/8oz spinners mainly)?

What would be the best reel between 50-250$ that would be ideal for trout fishing with 4lb test, and 1/8oz lures. I need whichever reel will cast those tiny spinners the farthest. Which would you choose for this ? (please include specific model names or links so I know exactly which reel your tallking about) thanks alot everyone. I really appreciate the advice

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What is best used for shark fishing in FL?

What type of pole, what type of reel, what lb test line and leaders and swivels should I use??? I am mostly going to fish for hammerheads hopefully the big ones. What do they like to eat? I know they like sting rays, how do I catch sting rays and what other bait can I use to catch hammerhead sharks? Thanks everyone :)

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Best way to fish with hard plastic lure?

I bought a couple cotton cordell lures, and i’m going to the new york, coney island pier, and I was going to use the lures. They are the ones that rattle. What is the best way to fish with them? Like, Cast, then slowlly reel in, or leave them there, tie a pyramid weight to the bottom and then the lure a little higher, and go to the bottom and slowly reel in, or what? Please help!

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Can someone help me set up my fishing pole correctly?

I have never set a pole up from the beginning and just bought a new rod and reel. It is already set with the line, but I want to know how and where on the line do I put the sinker and those little details that will make me ready to go. Thanks
I would mainly be trout and bass fishing maining with night crawlers, at a lake or creek.

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What kind of fishing rod should I get?

I would like to get my dad a fishing rod for Father’s Day, because you know he LOVES fishing and isn’t able to go fishing like he used to anymore. He’s no expert fisher man, but he does know how to use a fishing rod, so which one should I buy? Any websites selling fishing rods would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance
I know it’s mother’s day I’ve taken care of her gift.

Anything at $100 and below. :)

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