Re: Canada/ Okanagan/Kamloops..Fishing advice…lakes, streams,guides,low-key lodges..two via a car…thanks..

Senior couple…love to walk/hike. Like to drive a loop trip…start in Hope?… and stay in motels and/or rustic lodges… on our own armed with local advice or maybe a guide half day….just average fishing skills. Love to find some great small wineries…thanks a lot….

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4 thoughts on “Re: Canada/ Okanagan/Kamloops..Fishing advice…lakes, streams,guides,low-key lodges..two via a car…thanks..

  1. Hi there we are a hunting and fishing outfitter we do all kinds of fishing on the varius lakes and rivers in bc if you are interested in some info on the hotspots for fishing please feel free on emailing me we also have a new fishing lodge in bc email is

  2. If you are planning on traveling through Penticton, there are lots of great winery tours there.

  3. Anywhere in BC is going to be great.
    My favourite place is the Tofino/Long Beach area on Vancouver Island, if you have not been there you should really go. I have been salmon and halibut fishing off the west coast of Van Is. and had a great time! :)
    The Okanagan is full of beauty too. Anywhere in the Okanagan has great fishing, walks/hikes.
    I have caught some big trout in Summerland.
    I have not been to a winery in the Okanagan yet but have had my share of Okanagan wine. ;)
    Travel through the Okanagan into Thompson country (Nakusp, Nelson, Kimberly are beautiful) and then to Banff, up to Jasper via the Icefields highway then back through BC.
    I have done trips like that numerous times and LOVE it every time.:)
    I normally camp but I have also enjoyed staying in bed and breakfasts (I enjoy B&B’s more than hotels and you can get great advise where to go and what to do from the people running the B&B)
    you can also get free guiges in the mail from BC tourism

    I hope you have a great trip.

  4. If you want information on where to stay, where to go, what to do, check — they have a ton of information, so you can book ahead. Are you from Canada, or from the US? If you want to fish, you will need a fishing licence, available at any sporting goods store. (very inexpensive, especially for seniors, but very costly if you fish without one and get caught!)
    A loop trip from Hope could take you up to Penticton and Kelowna — where you will find a dozen small wineries, and a couple of large ones as well. Lots of great walk/hikes through the national parks, so make sure you’ve got comfortable walking shoes. It’s a great circle route, with some very different scenery along the way. The Fraser Canyon is something you won’t want to miss, and you can take a cable car over the canyon. Scary, but fun!
    Hope you have a great trip.

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