reasonable yet workable fish finder?

i love to fish but know nothing about it and i am wanting to buy a fish finder for a christmas gift for someone but i am not wanting to spend $1000. what is a well known fish finder thats for a reasonable price?

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4 thoughts on “reasonable yet workable fish finder?

  1. go to the garmin website – they have a lot of great stuff and its resonabliy priced

  2. There are a lot on the market for well under a thousand bucks, link below be “Wally World”, aka Walmart. Their goin’ ta’ have bout’ the best prices you’ll find. What ya’ want ta’ do is, purchase directly at store itself ~ saves the dreadful Shippin’ and Handelin’ charges. Hummin’bird, Garmin, Bottom Line, be just a few. Good luck and hope this helps ;)…

  3. There are very many fish finders for a good price! I will list a few of good fish finders, their price, and the website.
    1. Item: Lowrance LMS-552c Price:$599.97 Website:
    2. Item: Furuno FCV620 Color Fishfinder Price: $676.99 Website:
    3. Item: Raymarine Ds500X Digital Fishfinder Price:$759.99 Website:
    4. Item: Eagle – Seafinder 500C Df Dual Frequency Fishfinder with 5″ Color Display – Includes Transom Mount Transducer with Speed & Temp Price: $399.00 Website:

    I hope thay helped. If you need any more help just feel free to e-mail me!

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