10 thoughts on “Should I get a spincast or a spinning reel?

  1. the best thing to get is a open face reel because you can control them better than a bait caster

  2. okay a spinning reel is the reel with the rim that winds the line on the spool…a spincast is the reel in which the line is hidden inside the reel u only see the line come out which r bad cause its better 2 c wuts going on with ur line..but i suggest u get a baitcaster..a baitcaster is a reel in whish the spool is horizintal towards you u get more power and tourque..they come in a variety of prices and a variety of styles..one thing is that u must have paitence and practice using baitcasting reels dont just go buy one and think that its like anyother reel its a bit tricky..if u decide on getting a baitcaster i suggest that u buy a baitcasting pick in case u get backlash on your reel..well hope i helped

  3. About the worst advice for a new angler is to start them off with a baitcast reel. That’s a sure road to frustration and giving up the sport.

    A spincast, or push-button, style reel is a good beginner’s reel for freshwater fishing, but they do not offer the many features that the open-face spinning reels provide.

    A spinning reel is relatively easy to learn and become proficient with, given just a little practice. These are much more versatile than the other types of reels, and you can use them for a broader spectrum of fishing situations.

    A good all-around starter outfit would be a 6-ft medium action spinning rod, with a matching spinning reel, loaded with a good 8# test monofilament line. Stick with moderate-priced, name brand tackle to be assured adequate quality. An outfit like this is well matched to everything but the biggest (or smallest) freshwater fish.

  4. I completely concur with kbhiltsley. His advice is good. Take it. It is the right stuff.

    Good luck and good fishing – 73 from the Fisherman

  5. If you have been fishing for seven years, go with a spinning reel, like mentioned before. Spincast reels are good for beginners and what they use in kid’s reels.

  6. For the novice fisherman a spincast reel like a zebco 33 is a nice learning tool …there are several styles of freshwater fighing dependent on spinning reel or baitcaster reel styles.

  7. Spinning is the best choice in most circumstance.

    If you have absolutely ZERO time to get the hang of a spinning reel (and only intend on fishing 6 days a year for 4 hours) get a GOOD Spincaster.

    The Daiwa “Goldcast” (or Goldcast 3) is rated #1.

    Check out reviews at Cabelas.com & Basspro.com

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