About fish finder?


I want to buy a fish finder for my dad. But except the ones we need to mount on the boat, is there another kind like portable one can use on the fishing rod? or good for fishing near the shore area or like on the little island in the middle of the lake? Which brands are good? Not too expensive one… Still a student.

How about HumminBird PiranhaMax 230 Portable Sonar? Is that good and suitable for this case? And how about FishFinder 535? Does it mean if it is sonar portable then I can use it like what I said? Thanks.

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Does anyone know anything about my old fishing reel?

it is called a Target All American Spinning Reel and was made in Clawson MI. It’s old and I can’t find anything out about it. It was made by a company called Target Fishing Tackle Inc. but thats all I know. I paid hardly nothing for it and I know it is worth more but I need more info on the company

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Follow-up question about perfect gift lol, regarding fishfinders?

I’m looking into getting a fishfinder as a birthday gift for a fisherman, but is it likely that he already has one? What I mean is, are they popular and is it standard for most people who fish to own one? I would like to try to avoid spending the money on something he probably already has, if that is possible. Thanks again!

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OhMyGOD! Where were all the Reichtwinger raving posts about “travel/spending” when Bush went to Australia?

Bush has a back-up or two for his jumbo
By Doug Conway
5:00 AM Wednesday Sep 5, 2007

George Bush arrives in Sydney last night. Photo / Reuters
Ever feel guilty about over-packing on your travels? George Bush will make you feel better.
The United States President, who arrived in Sydney last night, brought not one Jumbo jet, but three, as well as another two aircraft that carry aircraft. The President’s Jumbo has a back-up, and the back-up has a back-up.
Air Force One can jam enemy radar, and radar-guided missiles, and is equipped with flares to avoid heat-seeking missiles.
The Jumbos are carrying 700 of the President’s closest friends, including a doctor, nurse, personal chef and four cooks.
They are also carrying advisers, and it is clear the President will not be short of advice.
His entourage includes 50 White House political aides, 150 national security advisers and 200 specialists from other government departments.
POTUS, as he is known in Secret Service jargon (President Of The United States), is getting by with a mere 250 protective agents.
That doubtless would have been more if the First Lady was here too, but Laura Bush is back at home nursing a pinched nerve in her neck, a casualty of a hiking trip four months ago.
The President’s Jumbos look small alongside his gargantuan C17 Globemaster III air transports.
They carry the presidential chopper Marine One and a Black Hawk surveillance helicopter.
They are also bearing a fleet of cars that would do credit to a decent-sized business.
It is an understatement to say the President’s limo, Cadillac One, is bullet-proof. Its 12cm ballistic armour makes it anti-tank-grenade-proof.
It is sealed against chemical and biological attacks, too, which means it should just about block out the stench from Sydney’s Pyrmont fish markets.
The President’s men are believed to be bringing their own sniffer dogs.
They are bringing their own guns and bullets, too, believed to be the only delegation to get special dispensation.
That should shave a few dollars off Apec’s A$169 million security budget.


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Where can i learn about the wilderness of the pacific north west?

Im planning a prolonged hiking/camping trip to the redwood forest in northern californina. ill be limited by budget on what i can do. but for all intensive purposes lets say i want to inexpesivly and throughly prepare for hiking hunting and living among the red woods for 2 weeks.

some specific things i would like answered:
are there, guides WITH PICTURES to wildlife in this region (edible) small game , fish and plants( i plan on carrying this so nothing bigger then a bible)?
how should i dress, (probably going late august) does it rain much, is it cold, will it snow?
do i need to pay like fishing or camping or hiking fees to the national parks district?
are their any things that i have not yet thought of taking or planing for (for instance if you come to Missouri bring a sleeping mat of some kind, this place it littered with pebbles and gravel, ive not ben to califoria i do not know)?

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I want to start fly fishing and was wondering about this rod?

I found this rod, it seems to have good reviews. http://www.basspro.com/Temple-Fork-Outfitters-Lefty-Kreh-Professional-Series-Fly-Rods/product/57509/-1022046

I want to fish for trout in small rivers. I was going to go with the 9′ 6wt rod. Also what would be a good reel and line to get?

Thank you.

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I have some questions about fishing (10 points for best answer)?

Right. So I’ve finally found for myself what kinds of bait and tackle work best for me during the morning and day, but my question is, will the same sort of bait work in the night as well?

For example, I have AMAZING luck catching largemouth bass with a red shad senko-type worm and a red colored hook, all rigged texas style with a slipshot right above the hook during the morning and day, but what is the likelihood that the same thing will be productive at night as well?

Thanks in advance.

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