Can anyone suggest where to mount a humminbird 997c side imaging transducer to a 189 Nitro Fish & Ski boat?

I just bought a humminbird 997c side imaging fish finder. I have a 189 Nitro Sport Fish & Ski boat. I am having a hard time finding a place to mount the transduer where it will be far enough from the motor (out board) and yet have a clear view from the two side standing boards on the rear. Anyone have any pictures of where they mounted their transducers that I can look at?

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anyone use a hawkeye portbale fish finder?…

does anyone have this portable fish finder? Ive been having a little bit of trouble at times getting it to read even while in the water it does not show the depth. Also does anyone know the proper depth you should have the sensor below the float and how do you mount or troll with it?

One more thing. when it reads fish is that directly below the sensor?

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Does anyone know anything about my old fishing reel?

it is called a Target All American Spinning Reel and was made in Clawson MI. It’s old and I can’t find anything out about it. It was made by a company called Target Fishing Tackle Inc. but thats all I know. I paid hardly nothing for it and I know it is worth more but I need more info on the company

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