What is a good baitcaster reel and rod combo for a beginner?

I’m going to be 15 and I want to get a baitcaster. I fish in Canada on the summers I catch pike, bass, catfish, and panfish. I want a low profile reel and I have a budget of about $100. I want an all around good combo for what I’m going to catch with. Pro’s, con’s, brands, and specific combos would be appreciated! Thanks!!
Is abu Garcia good just for the price because I saw a lot of abu Garcia poles that complained about durability

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Fishing bass bluegill lures: What do you think is the most common asked question by beginner fisher men/women?

Im going to say everyday I see a question “whats the best lure” it gets kind of old and anoying but what would you say is most asked by beginners?

Oh my goodness I put those tags so yahoo doesnt put this in words and wordplay.

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