Which work better in YOUR opinion?

Which is more efficient/effective in enticing fish,hard or soft body lipless cranks?


sorry again in your experience which is better at enticing fish.
No swimbaits are a lure of an entire different breed. I mean literal soft bodied lipless cranks
I replace my trebles on hard or soft lures allready equippd with them, and attatch single barb pinched hooks…

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What makes Different fishing rods better for different applications? casting vs spinning. flipping vs jigging?

I have fished for a long time, but always with combos that cost no more than $60. I want some real gear but having a hard time choosing. When your willing to drop $200 + it gets a little more complicated. Thanks for any answers.

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Which one is a better fish finder? Garmin Echo 150 vs. Humminbird PiranhaMax 170?

I recently bought a Humminbird PiranhaMax 170 fishfinder in which I was happy with my purchase. However I went to an event today where I won a Garmin Echo 150. Both are totally the same specs; the only difference I could find is one has a depth of 800 feet and the other has a depth of 1300 feet. Please give me some insight why I might want to choose one over the other. Thank You in Advance!

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